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Our Hospice Services

provide a very specialized and unique care to family and loved ones who are facing a terminal illness. A team of caring professionals are available to support the many emotions a person and their family experience during this time. Maple Creek Hospice is committed to education and support along with the very best pain and symptom management to allow you time to focus on your loved ones, not the illness. To best serve you and your family, Maple Creek Hospice offers professionals with 20 years’ experience in hospice care.

  • Our Hospice Physician

    is nationally certified in hospice and palliative care. He plays an integral part in managing pain and other distressing symptoms. He makes visits to the home should the need arise and is available to ensure your pain and symptoms are managed as quickly as possible.

  • Our Nurse is a Registered Nurse

    and is nationally certified in hospice and palliative care. She provides teaching about disease progression, what to expect and how to manage the symptoms of your illness. Our goal is to ensure your illness is managed and is not managing you.

  • Our Spiritual Care Coordinator

    provides spiritual support and ensure you have the resources you need during this time.

  • Our Counselors

    provide support to patients and families in helping them deal with the everyday losses and future losses.

  • Our Volunteers

    are trained and have cleared background checks prior to serving you.  Volunteers are available to assist in a variety of ways, such as running errands and helping complete unfinished projects.

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