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We met Maggie after she had been discharged to her home from a two month hospitalization.  Maggie is 85 years old and lives with her husband and two dogs in the split-entry house that has been their home for 45 years.   She has a long history of well-managed but progressive heart disease.  In February, however, she had a surprise.  She started having shortness of breath and a tightening in her chest.  She went to the emergency room and was immediately admitted to the hospital. She stayed there for two months slowly recuperating.   She finally told her doctor  “I can’t get better here, I have to go home.”  He took her advice and sent her home.

After being greeted by her dogs, we were escorted by her husband to the place where Maggie was resting.  Her husband is a jolly guy but oh-so-hard of hearing; and he has multiple medical problems of his own that limit him from being able help to her.  The phone was ringing with well-wishers, neighbors were stopping by to check in and Maggie was doing her best to be polite and gracious.   She had been independent prior to her hospitalization, an avid reader and very involved with her grandchildren and life which was very obvious.  However, we found Maggie to be weak, unsteady, unsure and a list of new medications she didn’t fully understand.  Life had changed for her over the last two months and it was going to take a while to get back to living.

After listening to Maggie it was clear she was uncertain, scared and wondering if she had made the right decision to come home.   After assessing her condition, we found that her oxygen was low, her legs and feet swollen. She was nauseas and not able to eat and she was short of breath with minimal exertion all  of which was limiting her ability to return to the things she enjoyed

After consulting with her physician, we immediately had oxygen delivered to her home. We carefully reviewed her medications with her. We made the necessary adjustments to get the swelling down and the nausea under control.   Physical therapy was started to help her get her strength back. Occupational therapy came in and assessed her home for safety, installing safety bars in her bathroom.  A home health aide was assigned to help her bathe.  We assisted Maggie in setting up follow up appointments with her physicians ensuring her medical needs would continue to be met.  After 3 weeks, Maggie was back to managing her own meds. She could shower alone; and after 6 weeks she was back to her normal activities and no longer needed the oxygen.  Maggie was able to go from one level of their home to the other without assistance, returning her independence.

Maple Creek Home Health and Hospice has since talked with Maggie, as part of our follow up program We are pleased to say she is doing well and looking forward to the summer.

Maple Creek Home Health care is focused on you and how best to treat your conditions.  You will not hear cell phones ringing, see staff texting, or wonder if we are coming.  We will do what we say.  Our staff is fully licensed by the state and have had full background checks to ensure your safety.

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